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  • Great blog! I was in England this summer and had a great time. I’ve always wondered: why do folks in the UK and Australia say “maths” but the Americans say “math?” Nobody seems to know!

  • morethanmaths

    Thanks Brian.

    I’ve often wondered about math and maths. Math is a more logical abbreviation, but no matter how often I hear it, the word “math” still sounds odd to my English ears.

    Mind you, Lego and Legos is just as bad. I’ll never get used to reading American blogs and seeing “Legos” written with an s. Funny how one little letter makes something sound so different.

  • SEDA


  • charles

    I am charles ade from lagos Nigeria, a graduate of maths/statistics but have been teaching high school maths for almost 10yrs now, now i am ready to bag a teaching certificate and be properly trained as a math teacher, what can you advice??….Thanks

  • Kerry

    Hi. I love the idea of the mathematical month of … I was wondering whether it’s still going as there has been no mention of it since December. It is definitely something that I intend to put up in our main maths corridor. Thank you for the idea!

  • Hi. I am sooo happy to find your code for these .js rollovers. I have been through a lot of other methods–none worked.

    I am, however, having a misalignment issue. (This involves a table.) I have checked and rechecked all the sizes and the code you offer for tables.

    Have you had this come up before? I would appreciate your thoughts of this. Any help, too.


  • I love the parrot. It was inspired, you are absolutely right learning facts is difficult but the more outrageous, the more visual, the more multisensory the better. Do you now introduce those difficult facts to remember by saying they will learn this parrot fashion? I use a frog to teach solving equations, but that’s another story.

  • Pat

    Hello, I teach math/science to 5th graders in North Carolina, USA. I’m following your blog and would be delighted if you would follow mine. I’m fairly new to the blogosphere (a year or so) and I really feel like I’m just talking to myself. I will be checking back with you often for ideas! Take care!

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