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Ms LindemannHi, I’m Lois Lindemann. I’m a maths teacher. I work at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School in Derbyshire, UK. I’m also studying for an MEd with the Open University.

What else? I’m learning French (although I seem to be making slow progress lately) and I’m a cycling fan, but sadly only from the comfort of my armchair; I’ve been struggling to get back to actually riding my bike. I like walking, doing the pub quiz, maths, living in Sheffield, cooking, reading, crosswords, theatre, weekends in London, eating out, museums, gardening, going to the cinema, real ale and spending far too much time online.

I have run a website, www.morethanmaths.com, for my students for some years now, but I still feel like a newbie blogger, especially in education.

Who is this blog for? To be honest it’s mainly for me. It’s my learning (b)log, where I can record things I’ve learned, lesson ideas that went well, useful tools and so on. I find it really useful and interesting to read about these things on other teachers’ blogs, so I decided it was time to share my own thoughts and ideas.

I’ve put links to my personal blog, Twitter account, photos etc below. I used to use a pseudonym for these because my real name is so easy for my students to Google, but I’ve given up playing at being anonymous. Most of my students had tracked me down anyway.


My other places:

Professional stuff (where I’m usually called MoreThanMaths):
I am MoreThanMaths on Twitter, MoreThanMaths on diigo and MoreThanMaths on del.icio.us
I started to share links and ideas with some of my colleagues at my previous school via a newsletter which also appeared online: www.morethanmaths.com/thelink – but I haven’t yet worked out what is going to happen to this now I’ve moved schools
My site for students is at MoreThanMaths.com
You’ll find some of my photos on Flickr and my presentations and documents at SlideShare

Personal stuff (where I’m usually called three-legged cat):
My personal blog
My personal Twitter account
My personal photos at Flickr

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  • A E Balthazor

    I am a 6th grade teacher in Florida. I found you via a search for Mouse Mischief items and your site has been a real blessing. Sixth grade is considered middle school in Florida and traditionally teachers cover one subject. This year, I am teaching six subjects. I am new to teaching math, but I love the subject itself and want it to be fun for my students. Thank you for all that you have done through your sharing to make that a real possiblity for me.

  • I am also a private tutor, . I was looking for a such a website.I am fan of this subject. if there is any fascinating problem please post on this blog

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