Teach 156: 1 – my focus for September

I’ve done many things over the last year, but blogging hasn’t been one of them. However, I’ve been inspired by the Teach180 bloggers in the US, so I’m going to try something similar during this school year . As a part-timer, I’ll be in school for 156 days out of the 195 in the school year, so this is my Teach156 blog. Just a short, simple post each day, but hopefully some moments worth reflecting on or sharing.

File:WA archery target with arrows.jpgSomehow 24 years has passed since I finished my PGCE and took up my first teaching post. It may be a while ago, but I remember being asked a great question during the interview for my first teaching post. That great question was ‘What is the hardest thing about teaching?’ My answer caused the interview panel to laugh, although it wasn’t intended as a joke. My answer was that like juggling, the hardest thing is keeping all the balls in the air.

Actually, I still think that’s the hardest thing about teaching, especially since the juggling act seems to have got ever more complicated. The job also gets ever bigger, but the days do not have any more hours in them, so this year I am trying to keep things simple and get real value from the time I put in.

My first big focus is on me. I need to manage my time so that I can teach effectively and my students get the best possible learning experience.

That means that during September, nothing matters more than getting into a sustainable routine. That routine isn’t just school related, but also includes getting enough sleep, getting plenty of exercise and spending time with family and friends.

I’ve got a schedule, let’s see how well I do at sticking to it.

Picture credit: WA archery target with arrows, photo taken 17 May 2003 and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by photographer Casito. Used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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