One that went well: angles & algebra from @steelemaths

angles-algebra-snippetOne of my colleagues recommended a very nice resource to me recently: ‘Angles and Algebra’ from Jason Steele (aka @steelemaths) proved to be nicely challenging for my Y11 students who were revising for foundation tier GCSE.

The sheet consists of a series of diagrams with missing angles marked as letters. Students need to use their knowledge of angle properties to puzzle out the missing angles and the corresponding values of x.

I wanted my students to practise forming and solving equations, something many of them had struggled with. This proved to be a very accessible activity for everyone and provided good revision on both the algebra and angles topics.

Highly recommended – thanks to Jason for sharing this resource!


My verdict:

4 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars – an excellent resource

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