From the Web of Intrigue: Would you rather?

Would you rather have 1 of 8 slices from a 10″ pizza OR 1 of 10 slices from a 14″ pizza?

Would you rather have a 30 acre crop planted with seeds that carry a 58% survival rate OR have a 50 acre crop planted with seeds that carry a 42% survival rate?

Would you rather spin a spinner with n numbers twice (win if you hit same number twice), or flip n coins (win if all heads)?

These are just a few examples of the questions available on Would You Rather?. All the questions follow this format and make great starting points for mathematical problem solving. Every question is presented both as text and as part of an image (example top right), so it’s really easy to present them to students.

Some of the questions have right answers, others are open to debate. All of them encourage mathematical thinking and give some great opportunities for developing mathematical communication skills.

I really like this site. The questions are clear and engaging. The format is easily adaptable to suit a variety of different topics and levels of difficulty.

A small point: some of the suggested questions might benefit from some adaptation to suit a UK audience – for example, a problem with fuel prices of around $3.50 per gallon (a bargain!) is sadly not a terribly realistic scenario here, although the problem is of course still perfectly valid.

The Would You Rather? site encourages comments, collaboration and suggestions. I’ll definitely be having a go at creating some Would You Rather? questions of my own.




Thanks to Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers for pointing this out – although since that post was published, Would You Rather? has moved from to a shiny new home at .

Image credit: pizza problem from Would You Rather?

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