Today I Learned: That Mail Merge doesn’t work too well with protected documents

Actually, this is the third time that I’ve wrestled with this problem and had to work out what the cause was – so I’m writing it down to remind myself for the next time!

I often use Mail Merge to produce letters or to give individual feedback to students. Sometimes this involves using templates, for example today I was writing my feedback in the form of letters on school letterhead.

If the template document is protected (which mine was), Mail Merge doesn’t work. I could select a data source, but the options to add merge fields remained stubbornly greyed out.

The solution in Office 2010: Click on the file tab, realise that the Permissions section (probably the top option) is highlighted, say “Aha!”, then click on permissions and follow the steps to unprotect the document.

Now Mail Merge works like magic. 🙂


Photo credit: Envelopes by Margaret Maloney on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons licence.

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