Lois Lindemann
Maths teacher and lifelong learner

Ms Lindemann

Hi, Im Lois Lindemann. I love teaching and I love mathematics, so not surprisingly, I'm a maths teacher. I work at a secondary school in North East Derbyshire where I'm a full-time classroom teacher.

As a teacher, I aim to help my students to develop their ability to use maths to solve problems. I also encourage them to look critically at data and to ask good questions.

I believe in openness and sharing. I've been teaching for almost 20 years, but I'm still learning. In the last few years, I've benefited enormously from the ideas, advice and resources shared online by other educators - which is why most of my own work is shared using Creative Commons licences.

I've included links to both my professional and personal online spaces feel free to get in touch if there is anything that you would like to discuss.


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